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Next Show: August 16th, 2014!
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Special Guests:

Kevin Maguire

Larry Hama

Micheal Golden

James O’Barr

Renee Witterstaetter

Mitch Breitweiser

Elizabeth Breitweiser

John Lucas


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2014 Shows!
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August 16th, 2014





Next Show March 8th, 2014 10AM-6PM
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We have set the date for our next show: March 8th, 2014 at the Clear Channel Metroplex!

Special Guests:

Bernie Wrightson

James O’Barr

Dennis Calero

Tommy Hancock
Brad Carter
Dave White
Kayla Larson
Tommy B. Smith
Timid Monster
Joshua Daniel Mason

Artists Alley Guests:

Dusty Higgins (Pinocchio Vampire Slayer)
Kyle Strahm (Spread, Haunt)
Buster Moody (Task Force Rad Squad)
Jerry Bennett (The Pirate Bride Saga)
Nicole Holland (Studio Neko-Neko)

The Arkansas Crimson Nova Squad (The 501st Legion)

Kapow Comics
Sho’Nuff Comics
Tiger’s Comics
Pro Se Productions
Post Mortem Press


Artist Alley



More information coming soon!

Next Show: May 11, 2013!! 10:00am – 5:00pm
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11 May 2013 – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

1111 W. Maryland
Sherwood, Arkansas 72120

For up to the minute updates join the Facebook Event Page. or like RCCE on Facebook.

Entry Fee: $3.00


Special Guests

jamesobarrJames O’Barr

James O’Barr was born in a trailer in Detroit just in time to see Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy die, but claims no responsibility for either. He spent his first seven years in an orphanage and foster care as the token white kid (it was, after all, Detroit) and as such had poor communication skills. When he was adopted he brought along his crayons and has been using them ever since. While stationed in Berlin (Semper Fi, dude) in the late 70′s he created The Crow as an attempt to deal with the death of his fiancé at the hands of a drunk driver. It took nearly ten years to finish and no publisher was interested in it(“too gloomy, too confusing..”) until, on a whim, Caliber published the first issue in 1989.It is currently the best selling independent graphic novel of all time at over 3/4 of a million copies sold, though he is not rich by any means.

In 1993 his book was adapted into the cult film of the same name starring Brandon Lee. He would like you to know that nearly all of the money made from the film was donated to children’s charities and he had nothing to do with the subsequent 3 sequels or TV show (though he does like Mark DaCascos) and scoffs at the current plans to remake the
first film. Pshawwww, he says.

He has worked for every major publisher, with the exception of DC who is apparently afraid of what he would do with Batman.

In Italy, 1995, he won the Academy Award of comics, the Yellow Kid award for best storyteller and has been ignored ever since.

After 35 years in Detroit (shot ,stabbed, and run over by Sanford and Son are not too subtle hints it is time to move) he currently lives in Dallas collecting old books, records, skulls, and the hearts of young waifs. He does commissions from his website (, how clever) and paints draws and writes every day.

He is tall, happy, approachable, quite charming, and looks nothing like Robert Smith (except for, maybe, the smeared lipstick on Goth night at The Church).

johnlucasJohn Lucas

Joltin’ Johnny Lucas has drawn and/or inked funny books for Marvel, DC/vertigo, Darkhorse, Top Cow, Image and BOOM! His current project, the graphic novel Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse, will carve another notch in his publisher bedpost. Look for it this summer.

The lucky publisher is the reconstituted First Comics.


breitweisersMitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser

From their Little Rock studio, Mitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser breath life into many of Earth’s mightiest heroes. For a combined 13 years, the husband and wife illustration team have helped Captain America to swing his mighty shield, Spiderman to spin his webs, and the Hulk to smash his formidable foes to the delight of fans young and old.

The couple are currently transmuting their freelance careers into a full service illustration company. They are providing sequential art and narrative solutions for graphic novels, concept art and project development, as well as illustration and design work for clients that aren’t always clad in spandex.

You can keep abreast of all their mischief at

stuberryhillStuart Berryhill

Stu is a reclusive hermit who only appears in public for comic conventions and shows. At which point he shaves off his hermit beard (which is a problem because it’s where he stores a nest full of baby birds, leaving them homeless). He also inks and draws covers for comic books.

None of that it true, except for the being an inker and cover artist part. His works include Man of God, The Stars #2, The Leaf #1, Surprising Theater #3, Winter War #3 – #4.


chrisraymondChris Raymond

Born in West Memphis, AR, Chris (Cee) Raymond has been writing, illustrating, and making poor use of his talents for nearly 20 years now. In addition to his independent works, he currently does shadow-art and writing on the syndicated cartoon strip STRANGE BREW with co-conspirator John Deering, also collaborating on a graphic novel with him called MEANWHILE. He has also written a plethora of short fictions, three full length screenplays and a short film produced by filmmaker Christy Ward.

In 2012 he illustrated a graphic novelization of Johnny Cash’s Don’t Take Your Guns to Town. His latest release, OMINOUS SOFA, is out this spring and will be the first in his mini-comics anthology.

When he isn’t busy making weird stuff, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Lesley, spitfire little gal Lilly, fat dog Buddy and two ninja cats.

scott-kinneyScott Kinney

Scott Kinney is the creator/writer of the Arcana Comics all ages graphic novel KOZMIK that will debut at the River City Comic Expo (the book ships to comic shops this June). Scott’s first comic mini-series, KILLER STUNTS, INC., was published by Alias. In addition to writing, Scott is co-producing a film adaptation of the video game DEUS EX at CBS Films and a digital YouTube series for Machinima based on the hit comic book series ENORMOUS.


the_bridgeDavid Schedler

I am an Emmy nominated independent animator. I’ve made two animated shorts one of which (“The Bridge”) won The Poly-Neco Award at the Wanderings Film Festival in 2011. It is also an offical selection for the film festival which will be held during the LaSciFi Con in May. To see “The Bridge” on YouTube you can click here:

I am currently working on third short which features the characters Russell & Gunner. It will be ready in time for its premiere at the ArklaTex Comic Con in August where I’ve been invited to show the short and then answer questions afterward. My production blog can be found at

Tim Gardner

Toy Collector

rayRaymond Masters

“I am a budding writer, avid comic fan, husband, and a proud father. My inspirations in writing are drawn from what I read, watch, hear, and observe of the “real” world. I come from a loving home and married a great woman. That alone makes me wonder if I’ll ever make it as a great writer. I don’t think you can come from stable environs like that. Though, I still intend to give it my best try. In December 2011, I self-published Forging Truth, the first volume in The Truth Saga. I am currently working on its sequel Corrupting Truth. In addition to writing fiction, I am also a contributor to’s GeekDad blog, which is a growing force in the continual struggle for geek world domination, receiving over 3 million page views each month. I have written comic stories, which have been accepted for publication at both Viper Comics and Incubator Press. When not writing or reading, I am busy promoting other independent authors and creators.”

Artists Alley

angelabareAngela Bare

Angela Bare is the owner of AngelBear’s Toys and Arts, and has been doing face painting and body art for the past fifteen years.



studionekonekoStudio Neko-Neko

Studio Neko-Neko is the brainchild of artist Nicole “AnimeCat” Holland. We offer fantasy illustrations, handmade plush toy creations, charms and collectibles at various conventions around the Mid-South. My Little Pony, Pokemon, and original plush characters can be found at our vendor tables. Looking for some adorable, whimsical artwork? We sell original artwork and prints! Come see us and say hello.

Jon-WoodardJon Woodard

Jon Woodard, known as Mastajwood to all the cool cats, has been working in various media including video production, animation and graphic design for the past 9 years. However, his true love has always been comics. A big fan of Jim Lee, Jim Mahfood, LeSean Thomas and Takeshi Koike, Jon Woodard broke into comics by creating the first comic book made entirely on an iPad.

Drawing from all his experience, Jon Woodard has developed a unique drawing style that has been a big hit with comic book fans. 2013 is shaping up to be a big year and he has had great success as a cover artist for titles such as Jailbait, Juliet and Dirk Benedict in the 25th century.

To date he has over 12 covers to be released in the coming months. He’s also done some custom comics for various clients from the U.S. to Japan

Jimmie Glover

Beautiful Things Creations. Traditional paintings, paper mache, pop art.



Bones-n-Junk is a West Memphis, AR based business selling fossils, toys, comics, sci-fi memorabilia, etc. We specialize in Star Wars merchandise and authentic dinosaur/shark teeth, but have a little of everything including sketch cards, autographs, Transformers, Star Trek toys, etc. Come to our website,, for our ebay and Etsy listings. Like us on facebook!

game-goblinsGame Goblins

Game Goblins is a retailer of collectible card games, board games, role-playing games, miniature war games, and hobby accessories.

We’re located in the shopping center at Bowman and Kanis, between Senior Tequila and Apartment Hunters. We are always buying Magic, Legend of the Five Rings, Yu-Gi-Oh, HeroClix, and other games!

gear-gamingGear Gaming

Gear Gaming is a gaming shop based in Fayetteville, AR. We sell tabletop, RPG and card games along with gaming accessories. Come to us for your gaming needs!


Kapow Comics

Pro Se Pulp Productions

Sho’Nuff Comics

Tiger’s Comics

Time Machine Collectibles

Time Machine Collectibles is a store that specializes in Toys and Comics. We travel and set-up at shows and conventions across the country bringing hard to find items to our area.

von-redwingVon Redwing

Von Redwing offers hand drawn and hand made artwork. We cater to all types of genres. From comic book fans, classic gamers, to anime fans and even furries! Browse our limited prints of some of your favorite characters and check out our fun and unique crafts!




Blast-A-Trooper is an official 501st fundraising event which allows the public to shoot NERF guns at costumed 501st and or Rebel Legion members. To play, the participants choose a donation level and attempt to fire NERF darts at the moving targets. The event produces excellent results at large functions such as conventions and has been successful at smaller venues such as school fairs. Blast-A-Trooper has been recognized by Wizard World Comic Con and supports this event. This event is intended for indoor use only. How elaborate the function is can be determined by the event coordinator. This has proven to be a very successful fundraising event producing great results. When people are offered the opportunity to shoot at a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader they are compelled to try at least once, and they can walk away knowing it was fun and that they did it for a good cause. All proceeds from this Blast-A-Trooper event go to the Make A Wish Foundation.


Zombie Hunters! There will be Hero Clix, Magic the Gathering and WarHammer game tournaments.

Hot Dog Mike will be outside peddling his excellent hot dog creations to con-goers.

Schedule of events.

All 2012 Shows Cancelled
Sep 7th, 2012 by Shelly

All scheduled shows for 2012 have been cancelled due to unforeseen scheduling and personal conflicts.

We will be back in Spring 2013.

Brent will be at Conway Comic-Con November 9th and 10th to answer any questions and provide information going forward.


Fall 2011 Show Pics!
Dec 8th, 2011 by Admin

Better late than never.






If you have pics of a show you would like to share, send them to rivercitycomicexpo(at)gmail(dot)com.

Next Show: November 5th, 2011!
Aug 31st, 2011 by Admin

The guest list so far:

Mitch Breitweiser

Cover and interior artist primarily for Marvel Comics. Since 2005, Mitch has been penciling, inking, and painting his way through dozens of Marvel comic books and covers

Elizabeth Breitweiser

Painter and a former art teacher, turned Marvel exclusive color artist. Elizabeth currently works on the Captain America & Bucky, and Hulk series. Previous credits include: Captain America, Agents of Atlas, Skaar: Son of Hulk, Incredible Hulk, Girl’s Comics, Amazing Spiderman, Uncanny X-Men, and many more.

John Lucas

Penciller and inker for published works by Marvel, DC, Darkhorse and Top Cow. Most recent work includes Uncanny X-Force, Batman Streets of Gotham and Red Robin. Previous works include Superman: Man of Steel, Xmen Unlimited, Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu, The Haunt and more.

Dennis Hopeless

Marvel Comics, writer X-Men Season 1, Legion of Monsers; Image Comics Love Struck

Seth Peck

Marvel Comics, writer Fear Itself: Wolverine

Kyle Straham

Image Comics, Artist for Hack/Slash

Jai Nitz

Dynamite’s Kato Origins, Green Hornet: Parallel Lives, and Bring the Thunder. Also worked for Marvel, DC and Image

Sean Fitzgibbon

Currently illustrating a documentary style graphic novel that chronicles the Norman Baker years (1938-1939), the darkest years of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Adam Mangin

Official Transformers Collectors Club is one of several fans who have made the jump to working on official Transformers product. His main work has been profile art for the Hasbro Transformers Collectors’ Club magazine.


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